Sticking to lifestyle changes can be difficult, especially if you don’t see or feel any symptoms of high blood pressure. If you need motivation, remember the risks associated with uncontrolled high blood pressure.

Since you are unlikely to have symptoms of hypertension, it is good to learn the risk factors so you have some idea of your risk. You should contact your healthcare provider if you have prehypertension or high risk for hypertension. Even if your risk is low, you should find your blood pressure so you have a baseline to work from so you can stay healthy in the future.

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Don’t change your treatment without your doctor’s guidance. People who have controlled high blood pressure but are taking four different types of medications at the same time to achieve that control also are considered to have resistant hypertension. The possibility of a secondary cause of the high blood pressure generally should be reconsidered. The category of medication your doctor prescribes depends on your blood pressure measurements and your other medical problems.

  • Conditions which damage the kidneys, such as previous infection/reflux, polycystic kidneys may lead to hypertension.
  • The small vessels at the back of the eyeball can sometimes be damaged by raised blood pressure leading to visual problems.
  • If there is already a kidney problem (e.g. due to diabetes), hypertension will accelerate the damage.
  • Very rarely a condition called malignant hypertension is associated with extremely high pressures and headache may be a feature of this.

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It may help to enlist the support of your family and friends as well. If you don’t take your high blood pressure medications exactly hair la vie as directed, your blood pressure can pay the price. If you skip doses because you can’t afford the medications, because you have side effects or because you simply forget to take your medications, talk to your doctor about solutions.

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It’s never too early to make healthy lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking, eating healthy foods and becoming more physically active. These are primary lines of defense against high blood pressure and its complications, including heart attack and stroke. High blood pressure seldom has symptoms, but it’s a risk factor for heart disease. Letting your doctor know if you have symptoms like chest pains or shortness of breath can help your doctor decide how aggressively your high blood pressure needs to be treated.